Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bonding with the Future In-Laws at Pink Me Up Beauty Nail and Dry Bar

I have been eyeing this spa for sometime now because I find if very pretty and reasonably priced. So when I saw their offer via Dealgrocer, I bought one right away. Yesterday, I had some pampering with my future in laws. I was kinda worried about disappointing them with the service or something but so far it all went okay. The salon is in Lee Gardens along Shaw boulevard so it was easy to find. When we got in the guard was very helpful in showing us the way since it is located in the 2nd floor and is not seen from the outside.

We got up using the escalator and was advised to turn left. There was already a banner saying that Pink Me Up was this way.

I have to say I was kinda creeped out walking down the hall because there weren't a whole lot of businesses opened yet. But once I saw the lobby, I felt better.

There was a nice receptionist who approached us right away when we went in. We were an hour early and there were no other customers. The receptionist said we can have a seat inside and watch TV. Captain Phillips was being played during that time. I took this opportunity to observe the place and take pictures. 

Spa area facing the TV

Spa area facing the windows, they are back to back 
with the one facing the TV.

I love the different white frames used here!

Oooohhh... I'd love to have something like this at home.

Closer look at the left shelf

Closer look at the right shelf

This is where the hair dressing happens

They have two of these, one on each side 
of the window.

The voucher included a pedicure, foot spa and hair dressing. The service was pretty okay, nothing special. The attendants were also pretty okay. They were all wearing matching aprons which serves as their uniform, I think. The one who did my hair was also okay but she was kinda distracted with watching TV. But I loved how my hair came out, though.

But take note that she did not use anything to set the curls. She just asked me to sit down and then just got out a curling iron and started working. It's a good thing I used some Pantene All Day Smooth Miracle Water on my hair because I think this helped in holding the curls until night time. But otherwise, I don't think it would have stayed on. But I have to compliment that they are using good hair equipment. Nothing cheap that might burn your hair. 

Also included in the package is the use of their utensils and free drinks. We opted to have iced tea and then just have food delivered to us. 

Overall, the place is very nice. The concept that they are offering is also very attractive since they are reasonably priced. But the service and staff needs improvement. Sure they are nice, but people don't just go there because they are nice, right? My foot spa was just okay but I would still prefer to go to the salon near our house because the service is better at half the price. My mom and I also got wounded toes from the pedicure. Also, if this is how they normally do the hair dressing, I would prefer to go elsewhere to get my hair done in case I need it made up. My mom feels the same way. However, if you are looking for a place to do your parties with the girls, this is a good place to go. Just don't expect too much with the services. Hopefully they improve going forward. 

Pink Me Up Beauty Nail and Dry Bar
2/D Lee Gardens Condominium
Shaw Blvd., corner Lee St. 
Mandaluyong, Metro Manila
Tel. #: 3582412

Check out their Facebook page here.

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