Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Reception Shoes from Roweliza Shoes and Bags Manufacturing

There are those who have a second dress or reception dress that they change into after the ceremony. Or some ask their designers to give their gown a second look. Well, for me, I opted to have the same attire all through out the wedding. After all, you paid tens of thousands for this gown only to wear it for less than a day, so I want to maximize it! Aside from the fact that I really love my gown design that I probably wouldn't want to remove it. I already had my 2nd fitting and I am telling you, I love my gown. Amonn is a genius.

What I wanted was a second pair of shoes. Something more comfortable to wear during the reception. I will be donning a Kate Spade Evie for the ceremony but wanted reception shoes with a softer insole. I finally got the shoes made by Roweliza Shoes and Bags Manufacturing and it is exactly what I asked for.

Although there were some challenges initially with the timeline due to the Zapatos Festival which coincided with the time that I placed my order. And there were also some confusion with the color and material that was used but they readily created a new shoe for me with the correct specification. So my advice for those who will have their shoes ordered from them, be very clear with your specifications and confirm the timeline in which you need your shoes. But the quality is very good, soft on the feet, and sturdy. I am very happy with my shoes. I can't wait to wear them for the big day!

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