Friday, February 21, 2014

The VIP Suite at Diamond Hotel

The package that we got for our reception from Diamond Hotel included an Executive Suite for our honeymoon. And since we did not avail of the other perks included in the package, our AE upgraded our stay in the Executive Suite for 2 nights instead of the original overnight. I was quite specific to be placed in a non-smoking area. Came check in, the room that was assigned to me was in a smoking area and is in a different floor from the groom's room. I was also specific to have this room on the same floor so it won't be difficult for the video and photo team to cover the preparation of the groom. I was glad that I did not have to make a fuss over this because the personnel on the reception area upgraded my room right away to the VIP Suite and got a room for the groom on the same floor. Good job, girl!

My room number

On the left is the dining area

In the middle is our very luxuriously soft bed

On the right is the living area

Across our bed is the TV set, a personal ref and a safebox.

What?!? No Bathtub?! Yeah, IKR...

Just your ordinary sink but...

Your not so ordinary toiletries... Chopard!

And yes, your ordinary toiletries are there too.

I love the scent of this Chopard soap which was
 changed everyday

And there is a dirty kitchen where Amonn and his assistant
ironed our gowns the next day

Standing from the dirty kitchen you get this view

And welcome treats from Diamond Hotel

Delicious Truffles!

I loved the room! I was almost heartbroken from leaving it when we were about to check out the day after the wedding. LOL

Since it was spacious enough we were all comfortable during the preps despite having a whole hoard of photographers (more on that on another post), our 6 or 5 man video team, the HMUA and hairstylist, my 5 OTD coordinators, my gown designer and his assistant, and then later on my female entourage and my family. It was that big. And it made my Diamond Hotel experience so much better. 


  1. Hi! Congratulations and Best wishes! Your blog is very interesting and helpful as ive been planning my 2015 wedding too. May I ask for email add of your Diamond Hotel AE? Their website email doesnt seem to work.. And how was the food? Is it better than having a buffet? Looking forward to your next post..

    1. Hello, Carme Miran! The food was okay although it was better during the food tasting. The serving was also smaller during the event. But I attended a friend's wedding and their was a buffet set up and the food was good. My AE is Myles, by the way. Were already able to talk to someone?