Friday, February 21, 2014

Tokens and Gifts

I don't just see our wedding suppliers as, well, suppliers. For me they are also friends. I value the relationship that I have with them and I want them to know that I appreciate them. So I really took the time to think of tokens that I can give them to let them know they mean a lot to us.

One of my friends made these delish chocolates for all our suppliers. We placed them in self sealing craft pouches and had our monogram stamped on it. Oh, we were panicked because it was already the big day and the monogram was not stamped yet. But thank God for my efficient coordinator, Events: Simplified, they got these done for us. Here is a picture of the said treats grabbed from the Facebook page of our video team, Aisle1401.

Chocolate in craft pouch and Custaroons

For suppliers with a lot of team members, we also gave boxes of Custaroons which is also a personal favorite. But for Jenny and Ryan of Flower Power, our event stylist, I made them cookies and gave them a jar of Batangas Kapeng Barako because these guys have been with us a lot of times and are good friends. Labor of love from the beginning to end. Good friends, am telling yah. I also have one supplier who is a vegetarian. She reminds me of a good friend of mine who is also a vegetarian and loves anything organic. So I also gave her a jar of our well loved Batangas coffee, all organic! Picture grabbed from the Instagram of our entourage HMUA, Diane Coles.

Shown here is our supplier survival kit, supplier button pin,
and the organic kapeng barako I gave Diane. 

For the supplier survival kit, we just put in some goodies that they can munch on if they get hungry like nuts, candies, gums, and some first aid stuff like bandaids and the like. We also made supplier button pins for them.

For my HMUA, Mayone Bakunawa-Balbarin, I spied in her Instagram once that she was drinking Asti Rose during one of her "Me Times". So I looked for this (it was not easy, seems to be a rare one) and gave her a bottle. I also included a letter of the story of my becoming a Mayone bride. 

For our coordinators, I also gave them a box of Custaroons and personalized notebooks. I felt they can really use this because of their line of work. I also gave one for our AE from Diamond Hotel. For Amonn and Michelle Camaclang, I gave them personalized scrapbooks since they are gown designers. Although, I have another gift for Amonn which is the Photobook of our gowns. I am still waiting for official photos for that. I had these written by Ink Scribbler. Alexis is such a talented person and she works really fast!

Notebooks from Muji Shangri-La Mall Branch

Scrapbooks from SM Megamall Stationary Area

For our wedding hosts, I got DJ Ingrid  a doll of Li Shang of Mulan. She collects Disney dolls and I saw she did not have Li Shang yet. The story behind this is crazy! I initially got her Merida from Brave. But then before I was able to give it to her she already got one! So I sent her a message asking her to NOT get Li Shang since I will be giving her that instead. For DJ Chloe, I got her a bunch of sun protect items since I read that she is into outdoor sports. 

Chloe's Gift

Ingrid's Gift

This is how we wrapped the gifts

Here is what we got for the entourage.

For the boys: Mini Jack Daniels, Mini Coke and pink hankies

For the girls: Mini Vodka, Mini Sprite, and 
off white shawl

White doily with their names in calligraphy

For the VIP gifts, I have a separate entry here. I was not able to take a picture of how we wrapped them but we just bought craft paper bags from National and printed personalized tags for each of them. 

I hope the people on the receiving end loved these presents because they were really thought of and came from our hearts. We enjoyed preparing and giving these away so we hope they enjoyed getting them too. 


  1. hi sis! where did you buy the kraft pouches and the stamp you used? thanks a lot!

    1. Hello, sis. The resealable stand up craft pouches were ordered from US pa. Not sure where we can find it here in Manila nga lang...

  2. Hi sis! Where in US did you buy the stamp that you used? II like the idea of having it personalized. Ang galing! Thanks a lot

    1. Hello, sis! I had the stamps made in Recto. The ones that I got from the US are the self sealing craft pouches. :)

  3. Hi sis! :) Where did you buy the mini Jack Daniels and mini Coke? I've been to a couple of liquor stores but the smallest they have is the next size to that. Thank you! :)

    1. Hello, Mina! Got these from Metro Vinos Vinos in Market Market. It's right beside the outer parking area in front of SM Aura. The mini Coke came from SnR. I think all branches have these. Hope this helps! :)

  4. Hello Ivy! :)

    I adore your blog. It's so helpful for would be brides and those who are helping the brides to be! :) What are the things inside your supplier's survival kit? :)

    1. Thanks, Mai! Sorry wasn't able to get back to you sooner. BER activities!! I put mainly food in the Supplier Survival kit because they always eat last so they are probably hungry in between. So even if they can't sit and have a full meal yet, at least they can grab a bite from whatever is in the bag. I also included basic first aid stuff like pain killers, band aid, and tissue. Hope this helps! :)

  5. Hello sis,

    Where did you buy the pashmina and kraft boxes? Also, I am interested in the coffee and chocolates? May I please get the info where to buy these?


    1. Hello, sis. The pashmina I got from Landmark. The craft boxes I got from Divisoria. The chocolates were made by my friend from W@W and the coffee is from Batangas where the MIL is from. Sorry I can't give a direct contact for these items since these are pretty much from random vendors except the chocolates, which was a labor of love. But the boxes are easy to spot in Tabora street in Divisoria, the shawls too. For the coffee, if you know anyone from Batangas you can ask them to buy for you. I think a kilo is around 100 pesos only. :)