Friday, March 28, 2014

Supplier Review

It has been past a month since our big day and I am finally ready for our supplier review. I will probably write individual reviews for them one of these days but for now here is a condensed version. I will be using a 1 to 10 ratings with 10 being the highest.

Church: San Agustin Church
Rating: 5

San Agustin Church has been my dream church since I was in high school waiting for the right guy to sweep me off my feet. Despite hearing stories about how wedding masses are always hurried there, I did not have second thoughts in booking the church. Come our wedding day, the first couple ended late, so ours also started late. It was cinched to 30 minutes including picture taking. I was very sad that we were not able to have the usual picture with friends and family. We were pressed to leave right away by the church coordinators. We only had the picture taking with the immediate family and VIPs and then that's it. I attended a wedding there recently and despite the short time the coordinators allowed the couple to have the pictures with family and friends. So is this like a mood thing for them? This only happens once in our life and it sucks that we were not able to get our pictures taken with people who are important to us, who traveled a long way just to be with us. That sucks.

Reception: Diamond Hotel
Rating: 6

We had our food tasting with them and we were all very satisfied during that time. But during our event the serving was noticeably smaller and the quality was considerably diminished. The salmon was not fresh, the chicken was not crispy, and the soup tasted like sardines. I also had a misunderstanding with the AE when I sent her an SMS the night before that the buffer be increased, what happened instead was the confirmed headcount was increased. As a result there was an excess in food that was cooked which had to be given away. We had a sit down setup so this also meant we had to pay per head for this excess in the food. Since we were staying for the night we did not pay for it yet, we asked a meeting with the AE the next day. So morning comes, after breakfast we had a meeting with the AE. She also invited the head of F&B, Sanitation, Events and the Executive Chef. I could not help but be tearful while voicing out my complaints. We planned this day for 2 years only to have such tragedy. I grew up eating and staying in this hotel and we have always been happy. To be let down on our big day was just heart breaking. After meeting with them, the head of Events agreed to waive the excess charges of more or less 53k for the excess food and just asked us to pay for the actual head count in excess of our guaranteed seats. The Executive Chef also offered us 10 free passes to their buffet, Corniche. I was not really happy with this yet but since the hubby already said ok I had to agree, too. I was also frustrated that the free Kohikan vouchers included in our package was not given to us. I had to ask the AE for this. When we got home from honeymoon and was preparing for the thank you card from Diamond to be sent out together with the vouchers that we got late, I saw that the validity was only until the 20th of March. What good will this do for us now? It was already expired! I didn't want to pursue the issue anymore so I just let it be. Life has to move on.

Photography Team: Manny and April Photography
Rating: 10

I have nothing but good words to say for these guys. Manny and April are both very nice and very good at what they do. They came an hour early of their call time and started taking pictures of the details. They were all smiles despite challenges that arose during the event. And the outcome of our pictures are superb. Love, love, love these guys! Check out our wedding album teaser here.

Auxiliary Photography Team: NYOI
Rating: 10

Nikki is a breeze to deal with. Very understanding and nice. And they were full support during our big day. I love their shots and how it was different from the style of Manny and April. And they are fast in their post processing too! Am already scheduling to meet with Nikki so she can hand over the prints of our pictures. Check out our teaser album from them here.

Videography Team: Aisle1401
Rating: 10

From the first meeting to all the shoots we had, these guys showcased just how creative they are. Our SDE was a hit during the wedding and some guests even asked for a copy so they can watch it again. They are also fun to have around and we really enjoyed working with them. Just fun, stress-free, carefree. And because they are such a fun bunch you won't feel conscious at all despite being filmed. Check out our SDE here.

OTD Coordinator: Events: Simplified
Rating: 10

From the start I had no complaints with these girls. Karmie and Kaice was always ready to meet up with me and accompany us in meeting suppliers. They were also prepared with just about everything. Timelines were kept and followed because of them. I loved that they have matching outfits suited to our theme and location. And I also loved that they were... Well... Very coordinated. They took care of it all for me. I did not have to worry about anything except after the reception when Diamond Hotel was charging us extra.

Invitation Suite: Moki Gray Designs
Rating: 10

Moki is always accommodating and nice. Even when I asked her to revise the entire invitation suite because of comments from others she willingly complied. She is a dream supplier, always looking out for her brides. Everyone loved our invites! It fit our theme and color perfectly.

Invitation Printer: Printrade Society Printers
Rating: 8

We booked them during a bridal fair and we got the invites for only 90 pesos each for embossed printing. We submitted the design to them November and got the invites first week of February. What took so long? Our AE was not prioritizing our invites. We had to call her in order to find out each and every thing that they needed in order to push through with our invites. We only got everything resolved when we finally decided to go directly to the printing press and talk to the owners. But once that happened it was already easy breezy. 

Bridal Gown, Groom's Attire, Dad's Attire and Mom's Gowns: Amonn Velasco
Rating: 10

Amonn is very nice and uber talented. My gown was just... wow. It was everything I wanted and more. The fit was perfect right from the start and the details were exactly what I asked for. The moms' gowns were likewise beautiful. The dads and groom was absolutely dashing in their barong suit. Timeline was not a problem, he was very efficient. The accessories he made me were also very beautiful and matched my theme perfectly. And during the day itself, he and his assistance Danika came over early and helped me get dressed. I love this guy!

Female Entourage Attire: Cheesecake Infinity Dresses
Rating: 10

I met Agatha early in the planning process and liked her right away. She was a no-nonsense, direct to the point person and she came very prepared. She had sample swatches and sample gowns on hand for me to see. The fabric used was thick and of good quality. I also had my prep dress made by her, a long infinity dress and I was still able to use it during our post-nup session in Batanes. I know I can keep wearing this dress in the future. Here is a shot of my bridesmaids in their Cheesecake Infinity Dresses.

Bouquet and Bouts: JK Arts and Crafts (Charms and Details)
Rating: 10

I am truly blessed to have won the package of JK Arts and Craft's Charms and Details during the W@W EB last year. Kathy is suuuppperr nice and suuupppeeerr talented. I am totally smitten with our bouquet and bouts. People thought my peonies were the real thing. If I would get married again I would get her again.

HMUA: Mayone Bakunawa
Rating: 10

My Mayone story goes a long way. She was the very first HMUA I inquired from during preps but that time she informed me that she will no longer be accepting bookings for 2014 since she will be out of the country then. I was sad but life goes on, right? My second option was Mitch Camaclang, she is also good plus we used to be office-mates. And during that time she was having her Time to Give Back Promo so I got her package at a very very good price. When I found out that Mayone's move was postponed, I wanted to contact her and book her but I knew it would not be cost effective for us. Then Yolanda happened. The H2B and I have joined in our countrymen's efforts in helping, including volunteer work. So when the Inspire Initiative was launched, I was thrilled because not only can we help people but we can also incorporate it in our wedding! When I saw Mayone's name in the list of participants where we can book her and proceeds will go to Yolanda victims, I knew this was destiny. But then I saw that she was already sold out so again I was sad. I asked Joed if there were anymore slots for her but she said none. You can imagine how happy I was when Joed contacted me again a few days later saying there is one more slot available. I booked and paid right away! I was ecstatic! While waiting in the bridal car she even sat in with me and told me stories and shared funny videos. She helped calm me down. She is every bride's fairy godmother for me.

Family HMUA: Michelle Camaclang
Rating: 10

Mitch did a great job with our moms and sisters. They all loved their makeup and I could see what a great job she did with them! Mitch has been a good sport and very patient. I told her about my Mayone story when I informed her that she will no longer be doing my makeup for the big day. Prior to this, I also informed her about negative feedback that I got about her from forums and she took it all in a stride with class and poise. When we had my trial makeup she proved them all wrong. She proved her talents a second time to us by the gorgeous makeup she did on our family. 

Entourage HMUA: Diane Coles
Rating: 10

Diane is a bucket of fun. All my girls have high praises for her. Some of them even said they are sure to book her when their big day comes. All the girls were stunning! Their makeup is impeccable and lasted the entire night. For the rates she is offering for her service she is definitely a steal. A gem in the world of HMUAs out there. Oh, and she is a vegetarian but she did not give a fuss about the lechon supplier meal that we served. She said she always comes prepared. Love this girl.

Wedding Hosts: DJ Chloe and DJ Ingrid from Mellow 94.7
Rating: 9

These girls are my favorite DJs. I listen to them everyday. That is what pushed me to get them as wedding hosts. They handled the program well except on the part of the couple's dance where it was kinda confusing for us if we were supposed to stop or not. I guess there was some sort of misalignment with our OTD regarding the changes in the program. Also, the name that was called out for one of our male entourage was wrong.  Other than that everything would have been perfect! During out meeting, Ingrid came very prepared and ready with suggestions. And we are both Disney babies! 

Wedding Rings: Prestige Maker
Rating: 9

Tita Lyn is very nice and pleasant to deal with. I gave her our pegs and she was able to recreate it to our satisfaction. We just had to return the rings to them because the engraving of the names are incorrect but other than that we are very happy with them. 

Event Stylist: Flower Power
Rating: 10

Oh I soooo love Jenny and Ryan! They are such magicians, really. Our guests loved how the ballroom looked during our big day. And all through out the preps Jenny and Ryan are such darlings. I loved meeting up with them! Never a dull moment. And they are such geniuses, really. They think of the most impressive decors. And their rates are so affordable! They are every bride's dream come true when it comes to styling. One of the best suppliers I have! 

3D Name Supplier: Paints, Prints and Props
Rating: 8

We booked them way in advance, like a year ahead. And we were very specific that we wanted 4 inches high for our names in script. But what we got was just 3 feet, I think. And also, we had challenges getting in touch with them. Although, they did get the font that we wanted them to use. So we are still happy somehow with how it turned out. At least it is higher than the stage. Here is a shot from Ingrid again. 

Candy Buffet: Bonbon Taffy
Rating: 10

The candy buffet was a hit! I had a buffer of 50 heads on top of our actual guests but it was all wiped out. The setup was really pretty and matched our motif and theme exactly. My only regret is I did not ask Chelley to save some for me! Check out these photos from Ingrid!

Cake Topper: Doodled Works
Rating: 10

Since the wedding cake is included in the package from Diamond Hotel, we opted to have customized cake toppers instead. I have been eyeing Doodled Works for some time already and I knew I wanted our toppers to be made by her. She is very efficient with deadlines and her work is really good! I sooo love it!

Projector: Metrotech Enterprise
Rating: 10

From the start I did not encounter any problems with them. Everyone was accommodating and nice. The price is also very reasonable. They arrived early and set up early. And afterwards I even got a text message thanking me for availing their service and a discount should I book them again.

Photobooth: CLIP (Contact Live Photography)
Rating: 10

I booked them early on because I was already sure they are the one I want. I love the magnetic strip with guestbooks idea they have. And I got them during their promo period so the rate I got is a steal! It was also a hit with the guests. I have an entire box of messages from the photobooth! I love going through them again and again. 

Giveaway: Hannah's Golden Spring
Rating: 10

We ordered the canvas bags early, way before election period. And I was also very specific that I wanted each bag in individual packaging. And my instructions were followed to a tee. Plus, they finished way before deadline! The bags were delivered in Greenhills and boxed properly. The canvas bags were thick and high quality. And the print was the exact shade of pink that I wanted.

I already did a review for other suppliers like for our invitation printers, Printrade Society Printers; gifts and tokens for suppliers and entourage can be found here; VIP gifts here; and my reception shoes by Roweliza Shoes and Bags here.

Overall, there were challenges and not everything went the way we want it. But we got what we came for, we got married. And we are happy, we have each other. And we have the awesome memories of that day and our preps. In the end, nothing really matters anymore.

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