Thursday, July 17, 2014

Our Honeymoon Turned Postnup Pictorial in Batanes

Batanes has been a dream destination for me ever since I was a teenager. And to be able to go there with my one true love is just... A dream come true.

*Cheesy, I know.*

I am ever so thankful to my W@Wie friends for letting me know when there was a seatsale happening in PAL Express. Although I did not get the same deal as they did, (they got their RT ticket for only 5k per head!), I know we were still able to save a lot with the ticket that we got at roughly around 10k RT for the 2 of us. Hooray for seatsales!

I have been dreaming of booking Fundacion Pacita as our accommodation but the hubby did not want to spend 8k a night since he said it was just a place to sleep. Boo... So I checked around with other W@Wies who also made reservations for Batanes and discovered Marfel's Lodge. At that time, though, they were already fully booked. So they offered their new place at the TimeTravel Lodge Inn. For Php 1,000 a night we got 2 double beds, a kitchen, a living area, a nice bathroom with hot and cold shower, and WiFi. There are only 3 or 4 units in the entire place so it is pretty private and very comfortable. Check out their Facebook page so you can see the picture of the rooms. Believe me, it is spacious, clean, and an absolute steal for it's price. Ate Fe is just wonderful. She looks to assist you with everything that you need. Although, location wise, Marfel's Annex is better since it is walking distance from Octagon Bed and Dine, our favorite resto in Batanes. We ate there just about every night. LOL

Initially, we joined a tour group facilitated by Ate Remy. We also had our postnup pictorial while we were on the South Batan tour. Since we joined a scheduled session, we had to take the South Batan tour first. Our photographer, Michelle Pineda Photography, had to leave at the same day as my W@Wie friend, Fhel. So we had to have our shoot with them before considering the tours. And anyway, we had 10 days of Batanes. We were not worried. But ideally, it is best to do the North Batan Tour first, Sabtang Island Tour next and save the South Batan Tour for last. For us, South Batan holds the best sites. So if you go to this first, you will not appreciate the first two all that much. Just my two cents.

As I mentioned, we had our postnup shoot during the South Batan Tour. It can be really hot so please do not forget to bring sunscreen! Our photographer, Michelle Pineda, is really cool. She had lots of "buwis buhay" shots for us! And we were really able to maximize the beauty of Batanes. Here are some teaser pictures.

Ok, I need to stop myself before I post an entire album. LOL. We are really happy with the shots and the way the pictures turned out. We are still waiting for the album, though. I hope we get it soon.

My makeup was done by Ten Franco who, by God's grace and blessing, was doing an engagement shoot in Batanes. We were lucky that she had some free time before they had to leave the island so I was able to get her to do my makeup. Oh, joy! 

Here was my makeup at 4am:

And here it was by 9pm:

It was amazing! My makeup was intact the entire shoot, even with the scorching sun and sweat on my face. No retouches since Ten had to leave that very morning when she was doing my makeup. And take note, we even experienced a black out that morning, it was still dark and we only had the light from the camera crew who was with her for their shoot. But my makeup was still impeccable. 

Here are my favorite spots in Batanes:

From the North Batan Tour:

1. Fundacion Pacita 

2. Tukon Chapel 

3. Bunker Cafe and Basco Lighthouse

From the Sabtang Island Tour:

1. Savidug Village

2. Chamantad Cove and Tinyan Viewpoint

3. Morong Beach and Mayahaw Arch

From the South Batan Tour:

1. Racuh a Payaman (Marlboro Country)

2. Maywang A Libro Du Vatan (Batanes Blank Book Archive)

3. Mahatao Lighthouse

4. Diura Fishing Village and Spring of Youth

Please note that these are just my favorite places, you can see and visit so much more. These are just the areas that really left a mark for me. 

I look forward to going back to Batanes someday. Initially we were planning to go back for our first anniversary, but we had a change of plans. We are going to Osaka instead! Tickets and accommodation have been booked! Yipeee!!

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