Friday, August 8, 2014

Our Pictures from Manny and April Photography

I was tired the day we met Manny and April for our photos and DVDs. But all tiredness flew away once I saw what they had for us. Happy does not even begin to describe how I felt.

Just the box itself was already fab...

But when you open it, that's where the real treasure is...

How posh are letter-pressed CD sleeves?!

Even our cover photo has personalized names on it!

I could not stop looking at them, even when we got home I kept opening the box just to ogle on it's contents. I was one happy customer. It's not just that I love their shots, Manny and April are not just suppliers to us, they are also friends. I love how they are very keen on details and are sensitive to the things we love. Take the font they used on our names, for example. They used something they knew we would like, and they were right! The shots they took are all so good that I cant decide which ones I want on our album! 

And I love how they take care of us. You see, one of the DVDs that we got was not loading specific pictures. I just mention this to April and voila! She sends us a replacement CD complete with their posh sleeve. Oh, I love the box that it came in from!

How cute it this box?!

There's our replacement DVD!

I love how they are so organized with their labels...

Now I can start choosing pictures for our album! No easy task, believe me. All their shots are sooo album worthy. Speaking of album, since I also loved all our shots from our engagement session, I created a Photobook for it. I put in all our pictures! It did not matter that I had to add pages to it, I just wanted to make sure everything was in there.

Hardcover Imagewrap Photobook

Captured by Manny and April Photography
Styled by Aira Franco
HMUA by Boombee Bartolome
We had an A-Team right there!

I'd love to share how it looks inside but this is going to end up as an online photo album. LOL

Overall, we are a very happy MAP couple. The husband has grown attached to Manny and April, and that is saying a lot! Saying that we are satisfied customers is an understatement. If we were to rate them using stars, we can use an entire sky full of twinkles! 

I can't wait how our album is going to look like! I am sure just like everything else it will be posh and fab. Just the way we want to immortalize our memories of our big day. Thanks, Manny and April! You guys rock! 

So, if you want to be as happy as we are with our wedding day pictures (and engagement session pictures!), send that PM to Manny and April now. It just might be your best decision yet. Check out their work here

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