Thursday, October 9, 2014

6 Months to Go!

By now it's actually down to 4 months before we turn 1. The husband and I celebrated our 6th monthsary last August 16th. Initially, we planned to celebrate every month as we journeyed into our first year anniversary but that didn't happen. We just became really busy and sometimes we even forgot it's our monthsary! LOL

But on our 6th month, I stomped my foot down and said that we had to celebrate. We decided to go to Baguio for a week on a food trip!

With the help of blogs and recommendations from friends, I listed down a number of places where we can indulge in some binging. We were not able to visit all of them, though, due to the weather conditions in Baguio. It was always raining by the afternoon so sometimes we were forced to stay in for dinner.

Nevertheless, let's take a look at the places that we did get to visit.

1. Cafe by the Ruins. This is a must for me whenever I am in Baguio. I love their red mountain rice because I feel like I can have a 2nd serving without feeling guitly. LOL. But seriously, food is good, ambiance is good. Serving is huge, too. And they are all organic.

Bistek with Herbed Butter for me...

Adobong Pula ng Caviteño for him...

It was superb, we were both very happy with our meal. We would definitely go back on our next trip.

2. Ketchup Food Community - Canto. Just a few steps from The Wright Park is The Ketchup Food Community where there are a number of restaurants inside. You can order from any of these restaurants but you need to order most items from where you will be eating. Makes sense... Since we wanted to eat ribs, we chose to dine in Canto. But we also ordered from Happy Tummy since the husband really wanted some spicy Mi Goreng. 

Half Slab Lomo Ribs

Mi Goreng

Beef Kalbi

For those who have already tried their Beef Kalbi, you might be wondering why the egg is scrambled. Well, the hubby does not like the egg cooked with the sunny side up, he always asks for it to be scrambled. The half slab of lomo ribs was delish! And the Mi Goreng was really good too! 

3. Jay-Js Inasal and Restaurant. - It was raining and we were hungry. We already stopped by 2 to 3 restos but it was always full and we didn't want to wait. So we ended up eating here. But we did not regret it. Their food is good. 


Pancit Canton

Garlic Rice



Now, don't be judgmental. We were just really hungry. LOL. I was surprised when the hubby told me this has a branch in Metro Manila, too. I hope their food is just as good because we really loved our dinner. These may be simple fare but it was delicious. 

4. Le Chef at The Manor. This is a non-negotiable for me every time I am in Baguio. I must have buffet breakfast here, hence our reason for checking in here in the first place. LOL

I love bacon!!!

I mean, who doesn't love bacon for breakfast? Really? 

5. Route 55. This is the husband's personal favorite. He was actually okay to just eat here our entire stay in Baguio! But of course I told him we had other places to visit. But I did relent and had dinner with him here again on our last night in Baguio before going home to Manila the next day.

Route 55 Ribs

Garlic Parmesan Wings

Route 55 Roast Beef

Gambas Pasta

The husband simply loved their Gambas Pasta. Even while we are already here in Manila he is still craving for it. So don't  be surprised if we drive up to Baguio just to dine here. I liked their ribs and roast beef but both are nothing to write home about. The Garlic Parmesan wings were good, though. But still not enough reason for me to come back. But since the husband loved their Gambas Pasta, expect us to come back. I will try the other items in their menu next time.

6. 50's Diner. We had to wait 30 minutes to get seated. Yes, there were a lot of customers. This is a pretty popular place and is a staple when going to Baguio. But I have to say our experience this one time is not good. We were really hungry and the food took too long. And when it finally arrived, there was a really long strand of hair embedded in the batter of the husband's sweet and sour pork. This saddens me because 50's Diner has always been a favorite of mine. I am sad to think that the quality of their food has deteriorated. 

The husband seriously considering the menu

I would have to do a heck of a job to ever convince the hubby to come back and give them another chance. It was his first time to dine here and the experience was memorable in a bad way. *sad*

7. Backyard Baguio. I love chalk board artworks so needless to say I fell in love with this place's interior. It is a bit pricey compared to 50's Diner, which is right beside it. But I have to say, food is also better. And I love that their iced tea is being served in a Ball mason jar!

I love what they've done here!

My iced tea in a Ball mason jar

Beef Salpicao

Bicol Express

Pork Binagoongan

Baked Mussels

I have nothing bad to say about the food. It was all good! I specifically love their baked mussels and pork binagoongan. It was very tasty and the pork was crunchy! Another must for me when I go back to Baguio. I actually ordered two of the baked mussels. It was that good.

8. Good Taste. This has also been a staple for me every time I went to Baguio. It's cheap, huge servings, and good food. However, the husband was not impressed. He did not find the food to have good taste. Pun intended. LOL

I have to admit, the food is not as good as it used to be. But it's still ok for me. But I don't think the husband and I will be coming back here anytime soon.

We also visited the BenCab Museum. And can you guess which was my favorite work of art?!

Yes, it's the Strawberry Farm VS Zombies. LOL!

We wandered into Cafe Isabel as well and was supposed to dine in but the husband did not find anything he wanted to eat so we decided to dine elsewhere.

Cafe Isabel is at the lowest floor of the museum

Check out their interiors

Swatch! So 90's!!

Oh, and I loved these ducks...

Initially I thought these ducks were not real, until they moved! Being the city girl that I am, I am truly fascinated seeing them. I wanted to take them home but where would I keep them, right?? These ducks were right outside the cafe where there is a man-made lagoon of sorts. 

But you know what the highlight of my BenCab experience was?! Buying these: Chorva Pads!!

And I also bought this bag made of burlap material with Ben Cab's artwork on it. 

And yes, that is the husband's hand and head. I asked him to hold it for me so I can take a picture. LOL

Well, that just about sums up the places we visited for our 6th Monthsary Baguio Celebration. We did not go to the usual tourist spots because our goal was really to go on some serious food trip. And anyway, we are both no strangers to Baguio. So we did not feel the need to visit any tourist spots. 

We are planning to come back to Baguio probably by next week. My husband needs to get his fill of Gambas Pasta. LOL

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