Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My Journey to Good Health

I love myself, all of me. Including all my flaws and curves. Admittedly, I tried to lose weight when I was about to get married, but not all that seriously. I was happy with the way I am.

But last month, which was my birthday month, I decided to make a change aside from my hairstyle. I decided I had to get fit and healthy before I get pregnant. I've been doing my research on which supplements I will take to help me get healthy. I tried juicing but I can only do it for a certain period of time. It is too time consuming to prepare the juice and I need to take it right away for maximum benefits. This means I can only do this when I am working from home. I considered ordering healthy meals but I made inquiries and there was none that delivers in our area. Sad...

I haven't told anyone about my quest so it was a very curious incident when two people who did not know each other and are in different locations mentioned USANA to me. You see, I prayed to God to lead the way to where I can find the right products for me. So, I felt this was the sign that I was looking for. I did my research and made my decision. 

I went to their website and took the Health Assessment here. It asked things like my weight, my vital statistics, my habits, the food I eat, etc. I was fine with all these, that way I knew it was going to give me personalized results. At the end of the assessment, it confirmed what I already knew, and then some. So yes, I am overweight and obese. My blood sugar is high. And my bones are strained with my being over weight. My memory proved bad, and my eyesight poor. So based on these results, I was advised to take certain supplements to help improve my health. 

Quite a lot, huh? Well, I am serious in fixing my health. After all, I am not getting any younger. And the husband and I want to get pregnant by late 2015. So better start fixing my health. I have read a number of good reviews about USANA, so I am willing to give it a try. I contacted my friend and discussed my options on getting these items. I ended up signing up so I can get the discounted rate instead of buying from her. The difference of the price is quite considerable, so I felt this was the best move since I am planning to use this for the long run. 

For the first week, I took all the supplements, minus the Nutrimeal. I was still conditioning myself about not eating anything for 5 days so I decided to do the reset the following week. I was not yet ready to give up eating rice and pasta yet. LOL

You can check out what the reset is here. Basically, it is taking the Nutrimeal shake as a meal replacement, 3 times a day. So that's breakfast, lunch and dinner. And then since we don't have the energy bar here in the PH, my friend said I can eat fruits or salad instead. 

So, here is what I am taking now.


Biomega and Active Calcium

Coquinone 30 and Proflavanol C


After the 4th day of taking these, I slept better, had better bowel movement and lasting stamina. I was surprised that I was able to take the stairs up to the parking lot instead of the elevator by the 5th day! My friend said it must be the Essentials since she felt the same improvements as I did and she was not taking any of the others in my list. I was told that Coquinone 30 can boost fertility, too. So this was a welcome addition to me. Visionex is to help repair what can be repaired with my eyes. Biomega is for the heart and nerves health, and for my memory. Active Calcium is, well, for the bones, I suppose. Proflavanol C is vitamins C and D in one. I added this last bit because as per the reset program it is best done with Essentials and Proflavanol C. 

After the first week, I started with the reset program. I was hesitant, to be honest. I was worried I would not be able to hold my end of the program of not eating rice or meat for 5 days! But surprisingly, I did not get the hunger pangs or cravings that I was anticipating. There must be something that is curbing these things. I am sooo relieved! Nutrimeal has 3 flavors: Dutch Chocolate, Wild Strawberry and French Vanilla.

It helped inspire me that I could use my teacups whenever I drank my shake. I used something different everyday! 

I have to say, my favorite is the Dutch Chocolate. It reminds me of the Magnolia Chocolait that was delivered to our house when I was a kid. You know, the one in the glass bottles? Got this picture off the net:

Wild Strawberry flavor tastes like Nesvita mixed with a tinge of strawberry. It was good, too. But I preferred the Dutch Chocolate flavor better. My least favorite is the French Vanilla one. It smells really nice, but I can't seem to find the vanilla taste that I was looking for. Maybe it's because I was expecting something like CBTL's Hot Vanilla. LOL

What's good about Nutrimeal is it's low glycemic. Perfect for the likes of me that has high blood sugar. But believe me, the Dutch Chocolate flavor has enough sweetness to actually taste good. Good to know it is not hurting my health!

In between, I would eat a banana or apple for my snack. Occasionally, I would eat Caesar Salad when I am unable to bring a fruit with me. I was told I can expect to lose around 4 to 6 pounds minimum when I do the reset. But since I did not really follow it that strictly, I only lost 2 pounds. But I am happy with this because now I can remove my rings without using soap!! Yes, I got that fat in between my wedding day and now. I continued to do this until last week, replacing a meal or 2 with Nutrimeal and then eating a normal meal for either lunch or dinner. And guess what? Last Saturday, I was finally able to squeeze into one of my pre-wedding jeans! Woohoo!! 

So, with these results in hand, I felt confident that I made the right choice. I also saw this book called NutriSearch: Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements where USANA's Essentials was ranked as the best supplement for the latest edition. Plus, my friend told me it is included in the PPD since it is considered as a home remedy. This makes me more comfortable in using these nutritionals. 

My husband said I should post a before and after picture, but I feel I haven't really lost that much weight for it to be actually noticeable physically. Although, I did give in and let him take a "before" picture, I told him we should wait for a really obvious difference to have an "after" picture. LOL

I will keep you posted with my health journey. So far, so good. I am happy with the results. And if I finally get pregnant, well, that will be another lengthy post. 

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