Monday, November 24, 2014

Getting Ready for Christmas

This is my first Christmas as a married woman. And I can say it gives me mixed emotions. I always love planning our family Christmas at home. But now that I am married, the hubby and I are thinking of how to distribute our time for Christmas Eve since now we have two family dinners to attend.

I also have a menu planned for the Christmas dinner with my parents, I guess I am still used to doing the planning for our night. But when I went to Dapitan Arcade to buy the Christmas plates and decors, I felt I had to get two of everything since now I have two homes. LOL

Anyway, here's the setting that I plan to do for Christmas.

The place mat I got from Dapitan Arcade together with the utensils and glass. The white embossed plates I got from Robinson's Department store. I also bought some Christmas serving plates and bowls and some decorative plates from Dapitan Arcade and IG.

Oh, and I love this Christmas tea set! Perfect for the season!!

I also bought these Ball Mason Jars as part of my Christmas gifts. I plan to make desserts in a jar with them. It only costs around Php 70.00 each from True Value. The colored ones are more expensive, around Php 130 each, I think. I bought them in boxes so am just estimating the cost per piece.

I also found wooden spoons that will match perfectly with this one. This is how I envision it's going to be once it's ready for giving away.

Cute, right? At least the jars are really nice so they can still use it even after they've finished eating what's inside. I also bought big ones which I will fill with cookies, like this.

I really enjoy doing DIY stuff so I think this type of presents is a win-win situation. I had fun making them and I am sure the recipient will also enjoy eating them and feel that it is personalized. 

Well, I will let you know if I come up with other ideas for Christmas gifts. But so far, this is my top pick as of this time. 



I was pretty successful with my mason jar project for Christmas. I got a few boxes of the 32 oz size from True Value and filled it up with goodies, used some jute string, printed our DIY gift tags and voila!

I used chocolate chip cookies, marshmallows and iced gems. It was a hit! 

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