Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Alice on Wednesday Osaka

I am a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland. I especially love the original art by Sir John Tenniel. So you can imagine my excitement when I learned of a store in Japan called Alice on Wednesday. I knew I had to check it out.

It was not easy to find. We walked for more than an hour around Amerikamura before we were able to find the place.

You will only know which door to go into because
it has a curtain

And the door was smaller 
than an average human!


Necklaces, but some of these designs 
I can also find in eBay.

Alice Merchandise

Lolita Head pieces

I wanted to buy that leather bound
copy of the book but changed
my mind when I saw the price. LOL

That pink Alice book storage box was really cute

Stationary sets! But it was expensive, I think.
I can find something like this in Regina's.

Bookmarks and stickers

They also have snacks!

Cute candies

These cute cookies in a box

Even the ceiling held some snacks

These cupboards display items inside too

Sugar cookies!

These Drink Me Beverages were pretty popular,
lots of customers were buying this stuff.

Here's what I got for myself.

White Rabbit Necklace

This tall glass

A box of cake plates (5 pcs per box)

There were a lot of items that you would see elsewhere but would probably be hard to find. But the place felt cramped because it is really small and is also too warm inside with the considerable crowd. I got dizzy from staying inside too long because of this. And the place is pretty dark but I guess that is in keeping with the theme. It's a must visit place for Alice in Wonderland fans like me. But if you are not a fan then it won't hurt to skip this one. 

Alice on Wednesday Osaka
Nishi Shinsaibashi 2-12-25
Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi 1F
Tel: +81 06 6211 6506
Mon to Fri: 11am – 7.30pm
Sat & Sun: 10am – 7.30pm

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