Friday, April 3, 2015

Osaka Zoo

I am sucker for zoos. Here in Manila, I have visited Avilon Zoo twice already and I enjoyed it both times. So when I saw that there is a big zoo in Osaka, I knew I had to visit it. Especially knowing that they have a polar bear!!

The day we visited the zoo is the day we decided to use the Osaka 2 Day Pass. It cost 3,000 yen and gives free entrance to 28 establishments and offers discounted entrance rates for 16 other establishments. Unlike the 1 day pass, the 2 day pass only covers buses and subways. So we need to pay for train rides. But we learned that Osaka's subway system is more comprehensive so we were able to fully utilize the pass since most of our destinations can be reached via subway.

It was only a ride from our place to Umeda where we took the subway ride from Hankyu line and got off at Tennoji. Upon exiting the station we were already just a few blocks from the zoo. Entrance would have been 500 yen to the zoo but we did not pay for anything, just showed our Osaka day pass and off we went.

The first animals that we saw were a group of monkeys and the koala bears. We were not able to take pictures of the koala bears because no cameras were allowed in the area. It was in a darkened tunnel like room and it was cool that we were able to watch them being fed when we got there. We were able to take pictures of the monkeys but nothing to write home about. They were pretty ordinary for me.

Next, we went to the birds sanctuary area.

Entrance to the bird sanctuary

Looks all natural

I love the color of this duck!

This gorgeous heron

Here's how it looks like
from the viewing deck

Look! A nest!!

Here's the bridge leaving the
bird sanctuary

Next we walked over to the bears. There was one bear that had a glass divisor from the view deck. We figured it's a dangerous one so they had to do that. Compared to the bear habitats created in Avilon Zoo, those of the Tennijo Zoo is way bigger. The bears had their own caves and they can walk around. There is a deep ravine from the habitat and the viewing deck so it was pretty safe to lean on the railings. 

They said this is Winnie the Pooh's

Grizzly bear

Ermergerd!! Polar bear! Kinda dirty, though. 
I imagined it to be whiter. 

Next are the sea lions. They had an entire pool to themselves. It's great that the weather is pretty cold, the polar bears, seals and penguins didn't have to be placed in some kind of freezer. 

Me feeling cold in front of
the pool of seals

That rock is in the middle of the 
pool, and that bird just kinda
landed there.

Swimming seal!! They're pretty 
huge, like maybe 8 to 10 feet

There is also an area for elephants. But there was only one. When we got there the elephant was trying to get into it's eating area, where we saw this.

No, it's not real, don't worry. 
But I found it fascinating. LOL

Next stop were more birds! But I was absolutely thrilled to find these pink flamingos! You see, in Avilon Zoo the flamingos were kinda pale, almost white to be honest. But in Osaka they were really pink! Check them out. Hello, my lovelies!!

How pink are these flamingos?!?

Off we went to the next area where we saw the hippo and rhinoceros. First stop, the hippo. There was only one but it was swimming with a whole lot of fishies. There's a view deck on top and one underneath where you can see it swimming around.

Life-sized hippo statue

There it is swimming around

And here is the viewing deck
underneath where you can see
the fishies swimming around
with the hippo

Next we stopped off to see the rhino. It looked... uummm.. it has very dry skin. LOL

I know it's not so obvious 
that it has dry skin...

Here, can you see the dry skin
better? Ok, never mind. LOL

The giraffes and the zebras are kept together. Patterns with patterns, right? 

Patterns with patterns: Giraffes and Zebras

The leopards and tigers were encased in some kind of basement where you can only view them via a glass. I guess they are just making sure everyone is safe from these wild animals. 

Yeah, that was the best I could do
from where I was standing

They are breeding these lovelies!

We also passed by rams and different kinds of eagles. I also have pictures of those but, again, they are nothing to write home about. They looked very ordinary. Although the ram's habitat was pretty amazing. 

The habitat of the rams have terraces. I didn't
know they live like that, you know...

I love wolves!! And to see them in person is just wow... I was speechless and damn giddy running over to see them.

Pardon the hazy picture, it was
through the glass. 

White wolf!!

And, yeah, white wolf.

Sun bathing!

Sleeping red fox

Sleeping white fox

Have you ever seen a red panda? I thought it was a racoon. Here's a picture that I took.

This is it's eating area so am taking this
picture against the viewing glass

I was pretty taken with the movie Happy Feet so seeing penguins live really made me smile, even if they were not tap dancing away.

No glass division but there was
this net divider.

This fella was ready for his 
close up.

The also had lambs and goats that you can feed. The lamb's wool was really thick I was worried it was going to topple over with it's weight!

Baa... Baa...

This goat with huge ears... 

Oh, and these cute bunnies!!!

Peter the Rabbit!

Paparazzi moment, Peter the Rabbit
taking a pee. LOL

Cute bunnies!!!

The best part is it snowed!! Woohoo!! That's me enjoying the snow. It was pretty much just shaved ice falling from the sky. I guess it's because the rain drop is small so when it turned to ice it pretty much appeared like shaved ice. 

And there you have it! Just another day at the zoo in Osaka, Japan. We are planning to go back to Japan again next year and I hope I can squeeze in a day to visit the zoo again. 

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