Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lunch at Poco Deli

Our family was looking for something new to try out for lunch. My sister and her family was scheduled to check in at Privato Hotel so we decided to go to Kapitolyo to eat. My sister said she saw this nice place online called Poco Deli.

We had quite a challenge finding the place. It was a quaint little diner among the residential homes in Kapitolyo, pretty much the entire vibe of the place. From the outside it looks really small. It can fit probably around 50 people comfortably.

Inside, it was decorated tastefully.

I wanted to take home that small ship. LOL

My brother and I are  fans of sausages!

All these imported beer...

This painting gives the place
a pop of color.

Not sure if this is a functioning
bar or just decorative.

Wine bottles and their prices.
You can order per bottle.

More alcohol! 

Oh, and I wanted to take these 
home too. Sooo damn much.

And this one too. I love vintage stuff.

Check out their menu. Feel free to click on it to enlarge the picture.

What we ordered:

Sausage Platter Php 400.00

Gourmet Tapa Php 360.00

Bacon Steak Php 380.00

Spanish Callos Php 380.00

Mom's Pot Roast Php 360.00

The Sausage Platter had 5 sausages, all of which tasted really good. Our only regret was we did not order the bigger one! My sister ordered the Gourmet Tapa. It was delish! The best tapa I've tasted to date! I was envious! Although my Bacon Steak was also very good, but I was overwhelmed with all that meat. I guess I still prefer bacon strips. LOL

My mom ordered Spanish Callos. She enjoyed it a lot, but for me not so much. I am not a fan of tomato based entrees other than spaghetti, so you can say I am being biased. My brother had Mom's Pot Roast. Now this was really bland, he had to add in a lot of salt and pepper for it to be edible. 

One other thing I loved aside from their sausages and the tapa is their beverage selection.

L: Citrus Delight Php 150.00
R: Home Brewed Iced Tea Php 85.00

My sister and brother went crazy over the Citrus Delight. While I wanted to (again) take home their beverage glass. LOL

The iced tea was also quite unique. It was pretty good, but the Citrus Delight was better. 

Overall, it was a pretty good experience. Service was great, ambiance was pleasant. Parking was a bit of a challenge since you need to park at the street, but they have very helpful attendants who will assist you. Would I go back? Maybe if I am in the area and is craving for some sausages. But I would not go out of my way to visit. Would I recommend it? Yes, especially for people who enjoy wine tastings, cheese and sausages. 

Check out their Facebook here for their latest promos. 

Poco Deli
21 East Capitol Drive,
Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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