Thursday, October 15, 2015

My Best Rib Experience So Far: Beeffalo

Oh, I love baby back ribs. I love it with a passion you'd find in fans and their celebrity idols (like ALDUB). Except mine is for food. LOL

We have dined numerous times in Beeffalo but I never get tired of it's flavorful dishes. At first glance the place looks like a private resort. The design includes beach waves, surf boards, some sea animals. The inside of the place is very homey and cozy. Although a bit contradicting in terms of decors because inside they have a rustic feel with some really vintage (antique, even) items on display. But, works for them! So I am not judging. I love the damn place.

These are our ultimate favorites:

Croquettes Php 145.00

Beeffalo Wings Php 195.00

Pork Slammers Php 180.00

Baby Back Ribs (Single) Php 285.00

Their croquettes are the best I have sampled so far. I can eat an entire plate alone! It is perfectly crunchy on the outside and soft-mushy inside. The mix of flavors is just perfect! I like the dip that comes with it but I prefer coating it with their Beeffalo Wings sauce. The wings are also really delicious. I always make sure we order this each time. You can have it in two ways, sweet or spicy. But we ask the server to make ours a little bit of both. The Pork Slammers is also a favorite of ours. The buttered pasta may look pretty ordinary but it is bursting with flavor! You can eat it alone and still be happy with it. That's why my brother would sometimes order extra rice for his pork slammer. He eats the pasta first and then he eats rice with the pork. The pork slammer is something like a pork chop of sorts with really good marinade. I super love their baby back ribs! It's really soft in a fall-off-the-bones kind of way, very yummy. Their java rice fits very well with this entree. And a single order is a lot, you can even order extra rice and it would still be more than enough! I always end up having take out when I order this dish. 

We've also tried their pork barbecue, breakfast steak, pork liempo, and caesar salad. All of which we liked. But those that I mentioned above are our favorites. 

They have an ongoing birthday promo right now! They will give you free 250g steak on your birthday as long as you bring at least 3 other people to dine with you.

Check out their Facebook account to learn more about it. 

Beeffalo by Hotrocks
Lot 6 Block 3 Gil Fernando Ave.,
Marikina City
0939 113 0772

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