Friday, October 16, 2015

One on One Makeup Lessons at Props Tools and Cosmetics

I feel that in getting married, you have more pressure to keep yourself pretty. We need to make sure that we don't lose our self. Lots of girls fall into "losyang" mode after getting married. But we shouldn't.

I have been in quite a few make up classes. I had one with Mitch Camaclang which was included in the wedding package that I booked with her. And there was also another one with Kris Bacani in Trade School Manila. Both were really good and I learned a lot from them. But it's different if you have it one on one. That way you will know which shade looks right for you. It's customized according to your skintone since the class only includes you.

I took advantage of this voucher I saw in one of the group buying sites for a one on one class in Props Tools and Cosmetics. The voucher value was Php 1,500 but I got it for a fraction of this price. I chose a lazy Wednesday afternoon to have the session. You have to schedule at least a week in advance so you can secure the slot that you prefer.

Come Wednesday, I seem to be coming down with the flu. But I went anyway, I did not want my session to be forfeited. I mean, I've been waiting for this day! I am excited!!

So, off I went to Tiendesitas. I love going to the malls on weekdays, parking is a breeze. So I did not have any problems finding a slot. I had some challenges finding the place but I eventually did with the help of a roving guard.

Here is their signage

You get a comprehensive handout and
get to use their make up as well.

Look at all those makeup! They sell 
those for a very reasonable price.

This is where the class is going to be.

Here is the view of the store part of the venue.

They also do advanced make up classes
if you want to become a pro!

Ms. Janine was really nice and patient with teaching me. She helped me find the right shades for my skintone and showed me how I can make my eyes up (very important for me!). I felt that the class was truly personalized and I learned what I needed to fit my needs. I even contoured my face correctly for a change! 

My sickly "Before" face. LOL

My not so sickly "After" face.
 Pardon my bad hair day.

After the class I bought some of the items that we used. Not the one we "used" in the class, okay? I meant the same shade that we used. I love it that they have Naturafactor coverface and powder for such a good price! I have returned a few times since to buy my make up needs from them.

So, if you want to learn how to make yourself up, I suggest enrolling in their one on one classes. It really helped me figure out what I should use on my face and how I can accentuate my features. You can find their Facebook account here

Props Tools and Cosmetics
2/F Fashion Village, Tiendesitas, 
Pasig City

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