Friday, February 26, 2016

Late Post: My 2015 Birthday Celebration

For those who know me, they can attest to my DIY craziness. If I can DIY something, I would prefer to do it that way. So for my birthday, I decided to do it at home with my family, minus my husband who was overseas during that time.

Choosing to celebrate at home is more special for me than eating out. It takes a lot of effort to rearrange our furniture just so I can fit in additional tables, and my brother was not too excited about it. LOL I also went to Dapitan Arcade to shop for decors that I want to use. Come to think of it, it was more costly than eating at Vikings! Haha!

My hoard from Dapitan Arcade

These are all good buys and amounted to roughly Php 2,000 for everything! The picture does not do justice to how nice these are. These are all really pretty up close and personal. 

My "buffet" table. LOL

I got my Ball Mason Jars out and used them as glasses together with the carafe pitcher I got from Dapitan Arcade. The plates and bowls that we used are also from Dapitan Arcade. The wooden chopping board that looks like a log came from one of my trips from Batangas. Gives it a really rustic feel, doesn't it? 

I used the paper mache letters from our wedding and covered it with pink felt, recycled props. For my birthday banner, I used wrapping paper from Hallmark and my mom cut out the letters. She was very supportive in all this. I got the small cupcake stand from Dapitan Arcade as well, together with the Ball Mason Jar trinket dish and trinket jar. 

The food is here!!

We just bought my favorite food from different restaurants and served it. I was uber happy!!! And can you see my absolutely gorgeous cake?! Here is a closer look:

My super pretty cake!

Here is the top view

My cake was made by Desserts First. It was sooo pretty it almost broke my heart to eat it. But it was also sooo yummy! It was wiped out before the day ended! Check out Dessert First's Facebook page here

I bought 2 yards of this fabric from 999 Mall and used it as a table cloth. The place setting dinnerware that you see here are from Dapitan Arcade as well. 

My dinner place setting

The two toned cutlery are also from Dapitan Arcade. The paper napkins are from 999 mall and the floral centerpiece is from EveryThing Clay, it looks like real flowers, so nicely made. See her Facebook here. Very dainty set up, don't you think?

Overall, my birthday dinner was a success and I was very happy with how things went. I also felt it was more personal and really special. I appreciated all the efforts put in of my family for this to turn out the way it did. For this I would use the emoticon "Feeling Loved" in Facebook. LOL

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