Thursday, February 25, 2016

Makeup Class with My Fairy Godmother: Mayone Bakunawa-Balbarin

I was in Singapore and did not have stable internet connection. But because of W@W love, I was able to join batch 2 of Mayone's class for N@Wies! (Thanks, Choco Chelle! You the best! xoxo)

I cannot tell you how happy I am with my makeup during our big day. It was just perfect, I loved every bit of it! And my gawd, I was able to hide my double chin even for just a day! LOL So I was absolutely thrilled to be able to learn makeup from my fairy godmother herself.

It was a sunny Sunday afternoon, the class started at 1:00 PM at Burgers and Brewskies (who serve the meanest bacon chicharon, in my opinion). Mayone was her usual cool self, it brought back memories of me getting the jitters before walking down the aisle and the calm that she helped me feel just by being there and being herself.

Workshop materials complete with 
"pak na pak na handout" LOL

Demo with the pretty model, Rosina.
Her features were really pretty,
she did not need makeup to 
enhance it. So you can imagine 
how gorgeous she was with 

 While Mayone was explaining and doing the demo, we were following by doing the steps on ourselves. So, as customary, here is my before and after shot. The handout was also very helpful, and really funny! It was like I could almost hear Mayone saying the words out loud!



Take note that we did the fresh look that you can use daily. Mayone also showed us how to convert this look into something you can do for parties and night outs, complete with smokey eyes! 

After the session there was also a pop up makeup booth where you can purchase the stuff that was used during the class which was awesome because you can personally ask Mayone which shades to pick for yourself! I bought a contour kit since this is one thing I don't have and am absolutely grateful to have learned this trick. Goodbye double chin (temporarily, LOL). There were also some products that Mayone recommended which are pretty good but also affordable. These 2 are on the top of my list to buy:

Biore sunscreen which can gives
a powdery effect! How cool is that?

I had wanted to by the Naked 3 palette but 
Mayone recommended this too. I think
this would be perfect for beginners like me.
More affordable and perfect for practicing!

It was an enjoyable day. Good food, good company, new knowledge. As a matter of fact, that following day I already used my new learnings going to the office.

Tadah!! The I-woke-up-like-this
makeup look. 

And of course, I would not let the session end without a picture with my fairy godmother:

Me with my fairy godmother

Thanks again, Mayone! For sharing your knowledge with us and helping is "prettify" ourselves. If you are still looking for your HMUA for the big day, you can't go wrong with this lady. Check out her Facebook account here

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