Friday, February 12, 2016

The OFW's Wife: Reduced Travel Tax

I love travelling. What I don't like about travelling is having to pay those taxes and fees! LOL

Our Philippine Travel Tax rate is Php 1,620.00 and there is still the terminal fee to consider. When my husband, then boyfriend, traveled to and from Manila, I was always envious of the fact that he did not have to pay these fees. And now that we are married, I get to enjoy a lowered tax rate!

How do we do this? You can get a certified true copy of his OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate) of his last departure from the Philippines. You can go to the 6th floor of POEA where you can find the Records Section. Don't forget to bring a valid government issued ID and an original copy of your marriage certificate. Have a xerox copy ready since you will submit this together with the form that you will be asked to fill out. The form will already have your number stamped on the upper left corner. The screens in front will flash the number that will be served so you will know when it's your turn.

I appreciated that the waiting area is air-conditioned and had several sets of chairs. It made waiting comfortable. Once your number is called, submit the forms and answer any clarifications that the personnel has. After this, you will be advised to wait for your name to be called for the releasing of the document.

So, here comes your travel date. Be ready with the OEC of your spouse and an original copy of your marriage certificate. This is important, always make sure you are bringing an NSO copy of your marriage certificate because the airport personnel in the travel tax kiosk will ask for it. They will then photo copy it and return the original document to you. The same goes for the OEC. Please take note that you can only take advantage of the reduced travel tax if you are going to the country where your spouse is based. If you will be visiting a different country you will not be granted a reduced tax rate. What I paid for was Php 300 for the travel tax and Php 200 for the certificate that was issued about being an OFW dependent. So from the regular rate of Php 1,620 to Php 500! How awesome is that?!?

Since the OEC document is not required to be kept by the airport personnel, I got to use it each time I went to visit the hubby. It makes the trip to POEA absolutely worth it.

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