Wednesday, March 2, 2016

This Just May Be a Hormonal Thing... Or Maybe Leo's Oscar Speech... I Dunno...

I have been feeling very nostalgic these past few days. I keep missing my childhood. When things were so much simpler. When I would wake up in pajamas early during Saturday mornings to watch cartoons in TV, have champorado for breakfast with powdered milk since it is a weekend and I didn't need to eat something heavy because I was not going to school. I remember the scent in the air, fresh and clean. And whenever the Ber months started, we took out the really thick comforters, no need to turn the ac on because it would be really cold. I remember our Christmas stockings when we woke up on Christmas day, full of goodies! So we always made sure we used knee high socks then, LOL. I remember looking at the window where we would see "Santa's" gift for us. He was really good because he always got our gifts right! Little did we know that the letters we sent to "Santa" went to our mom who was always meticulous in buying the right stuff. Thank God I wasn't the "pony" or "puppy" type of kid! Or else Santa would brake my heart if he got it wrong. I loved family reunions and seeing my cousins. I loved the food my aunts would bring and anticipate the midnight gift giving where we would all sit in front of the tree and my grandmother would call out our names to distribute the gifts brought by everyone.

I remember how I would save up my allowance so I can buy stationary and cute pens from Uncle Bob's from school. How I would call on the "kuya" from the Funny Store so I can buy all kinds of crazy things. From small red lipsticks so I can slap kissmarks on my classmates and friends, to this small gadget that you can press on a button to electrocute (or ground??) people. I remember looking out the classroom windows overlooking the basketball courts on the spacious school gym and watch my crush play ball while I listen to Eraserheads from my portable CD player.

I remember my only problem was making sure I did not get out from the Top 10 list, I wasn't much of an achiever, to be honest. I did not want to be on the spotlight. I was happy just the way things were. I did not want to spend endless hours studying. I preferred reading books, wasting away in the library, walking around Grace Village with my friends. You cannot begin to count how many pieces of jewelry I lost while doing this. I was a perfect example of not letting kids use expensive things. LOL I remember the thrill of buying notebooks and wrapping my books with plastic cover. I was always excited when classes were about to start!

I remember attending CAT and all the hairpins I had to put on in my hair which used to really piss me off. I remember singing in the choir and long nights of practicing for events. I remember working in the school paper and being proud of my PRESS ID which my brother would actually "press" when he sees just to make fun of me. I remember endless nights of doing layout with friends just so we can have the paper printed on time. I remember my first love (and now my husband) waiting for me no matter how late I finished just to make sure I came home safe and sound. I remember the ridiculous fist fights boys got into, and he would remove his dress watch to avoid it from getting damaged from all the punches he would have to throw. Looking back, I think he was the only teenage boy I can remember who wears a freaking dress watch ( a Guy Laroche, no less) to school, and dress shoes to match! He was soooo formal! But I also remember his shoes were always dirty, which really upset my mom. LOL 

I am living a good life, I should not complain. But I really miss when times were simpler. If only I could turn back time I would like to visit these days and learn to really enjoy it. I know back then I took these for granted, but now that I am getting... errrr, aging, I mean, I reminisce and realize that I am blessed with wonderful years growing up. I hope when the time comes for me to look back to the years following that, I can also do so with a smile like they way I am doing now as I think about my childhood.

Or maybe this was all brought on by this video. Listening to the opening words of You Can Fly from Peter Pan really brought me back in time...

"Think of a wonderful thought... 
Any merry little thought.
Think of Christmas, think of snow, 
Think of sleigh bells off you go, 
Like reindeer in the sky."

"Think of the happiest things, 
It's the same as having wings.
Take the path that moonbeams make, 
If the moon is still awake
You'll see him wink his eye."

Yep, I am feeling nostalgic... Okay, time to sleep. 

Sweet dreams, sweeties!

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